15th Annual Coyote Control Management Program

  • Every Contestant Tagging a Coyote is Eligible for Cash and Prizes;
  • Shooting Over Bait, Trapping, Excluding Hounds
  • YOUTH (10-16) sign up for FREE with a PAID Adult Entry
$25 Entry Fee. Entry into the program can be completed at the following locations by filling out the form at link below OR by signing-up via our website (selected "Coyote Control Management Registration" on the first drop-down menu).
  • Hemphill & Sons Butchery at 531 Woodland Ctr. Road, Woodland
  • S.W. Collins Hardware & Tagging Up North Station in Fort Kent
  • Northstar Variety In New Sweden
  • Spartan Arms and Ammo at 5 Maple Street in Presque Isle
  • Mac's Trading Post in Houlton
  Program Entry Deadline is October 15th, 2023 A Sincere Thank You To Our Sponsors! 2023 - 2024 ACCA 15th Annual Coyote Control Program Entry form