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Welcome from the President

Hello and welcome to our new website and YouTube Channel. My name is Jerry McLaughlin and I am the Founder and President of the Aroostook County Conservation Association (ACCA). I am a Registered Maine Guide and I operate my business from my home in New Sweden. Many of you may know that the deer population in Northern Maine is in serious decline. We are trying to reverse that and bring back the glory days when Maine was known as the Mecca for deer hunting.

Our website has been redesigned in an effort to reach more people who would like to spend time in the outdoors and help us with our mission. We also have a presence on Facebook. Please explore our digital domain. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us by email at info@ACCAmaine.com.

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Aroostook County Conservation Association (ACCA)

Our mission and purpose is to “preserve, protect, and enhance the whitetail deer herd in Aroostook County.” We strive to enhance wildlife and fisheries habitat, to encourage the wise use of these resources, and encourage landowner partnerships to accomplish these goals. We will educate and encourage youth by providing them with experiences to assist in wildlife and fisheries conservation and management and to promote sporting opportunities for future generations. We work with government agencies, commercial and private landowners, businesses and individuals with management efforts on predator control and winter survival efforts on whitetail deer, moose, and other wildlife.

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