Become a Member

Become a Member

Membership in the Aroostook County Conservation Association is very affordable. The annual cost of an individual membership is twenty dollars while a family can join for only thirty dollars! The dues paid by our members are used to support three very important deer conservation programs:

  • We improve winter habitat by planting food plots as well as cedar and oak trees.
  • In the dead of winter when the snow is deep and temperatures drop below zero, we help the deer survive by supplementing their diet with strategically placed round bales of alfalfa throughout the county.
  • Lastly, we attempt to reduce predation of deer by bears and coyotes. Our hunting members are encouraged to hunt these dangerous predators whenever they can. In the fall and winter of each year we operate a Coyote Control Management Program wherein participants, who hunt and trap them, are reimbursed for their time and expenses on the basis of how many Coyotes each participant successfully harvested throughout the duration of the six month program. Generally, the amount paid averages between twenty and thirty dollars for each Coyote taken.

For you convenience there are three ways to pay:

  • You may pay by cash or personal check at one of our meetings.
  • You may print the application form from our website and mail your check or Postal Money Order.
  • You may pay online by Credit or Debit Card. Our newly designed website includes this new feature. If you pay online, you will receive an email confirmation of your transaction. Please save this message as your proof of payment.

We are all volunteers who experience great satisfaction from helping the County deer herd. We believe it would be great for you too. Our meetings are open to the public so please come and give us a try! If you like deer like we do, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for your support.

Prefer to mail your membership form?

Download the membership form here (PDF).